About Us


I am Paul Goulden & I flog hardwoods as a hobby business – it wasn’t my idea to have my ugly mug on the banner logo!

The woods have been in the family for over 30 years. I’ve been supplying quality English Hardwoods to Turners and Cabinet Makers for years via my sister site Hampshire Wood Suppliers. Around 15 years ago I started supplying Oak and Cherry off-cuts to London restaurants and the smoking woods business was born. One year I delivered over ten tons of Oak to London in a Toyota Yaris!

I am no expert in food smoking and have to admit there are many others in this world who are better at BBQ ing than myself.

However, I discovered the British Barbecue Society and their Members have all the answers so have a good look at the forums and you’ll find lots of useful tips and stuff of interest. I give a modest discount to the BBBQS members – except Hickory as I only have a small mark up on that … gotta make a few shillings!

I was delighted to start working closely with local competition BBQ team Jedi Swine Tricks and became their ‘proud ‘ as they say sponsor. As BBQ fanatics, the boys from the BBBQS really helped me to understand the world of American style BBQ and what BBQ’ers are looking for when it comes to wood & how much alcohol one team can consume!

For more information please see the Wood Packs page