GET YOUR BBQ WOOD HERE!June 2024Welcome to all ... but especially those with a few quid to spend on Wood!

Goulden’s BBQ Wood

I am Paul Goulden and I have been selling wood chunks for off set smokers for over 20 years. I stock a wide range of UK woods and some of the popular American ones.




About 14 kgs of Oak Apple and Cherry

As you’ll see a chunk or two of some other woods to try. This special package is cheaper than buying individually as it works out at under £3 a kg without DHL’s cut for bringing it to you.

This box tends to last most people up to 3 years as you only use a chunk or three per smoke.

You can add a kg of Hickory or other Woods on top for same courier price

You can choose a bespoke box from the following Woods

I can get six 1kg bags in a box with a few taster chunks on top

Oak Ash Hazel all £3 a kg

Apple Cherry Beech Pear Field Maple Chestnut Birch Pear Plum all £4 a kg

Hickory and Pecan Olive all £6 a kg

Other Woods may be available including

Mesquite chips sold by the pint £6

No vat but please allow £12 delivery charge to be added for next day UK not Highlands & Islands

For more information on my Wood chunks check out my Wood Types blog




This is the box for you if you want to try a few different Woods including imported ones

It contains 2kg Oak 1.5kg Cherry 1 kg of Hickory and 1kg of Olive plus

Three chunks of at least 3 other UK woods chosen by me including Chestnut Field Maple Pear Ash Beech and whilst stocks last 3 chunks of imported Pecan

You can buy a kg or two of a Wood on sale of your choice eg extra kg of Ash add £3

My UK wood chunks are air dried and chopped or cut by me – I only occasionally cut my fingers

The imported woods come in longer logs which I recut

I’m happy to answer any questions or

If you just want to order please hit the get in touch button to the right and I’ll explain how … nothing slick and auto on this site!