Information and advice on BBQ smoking

So I expect as I sell the drugs (wood) …

… you would expect me to able to share my knowledge and experience particularly if you are just starting out and want some tips. Sadly I don’t cook or have any first hand knowledge to pass on but luckily over the years I know a man well quite a few men and woman who do.


Before I take the easy way out and guide you to the forums that have all the answers I will pass on one pearl of wisdom – don’t use too much wood. You’ll find the finer details easily but here’s a quick link to my mate Oliver’s site

If you are a Kamado owner or keen to buy one …

… I’d recommend you check out this Facebook group starter by an excellent geezer Simon which has about 14 K members.

Another very popular BBQ forum is …

… also one of the oldest with close to 50K members Country Wood Smoke BBQ – UK started by Marcus Bawdon 

If you can’t get enough information from any of the above to grill a few Richmond sausages for your lunch like I do it’s probably best to give up and go to Ronnies.


rgs Paul GOULDEN