Death of a website and birth of another

Around 12 years ago …

… having been selling Smoking Woods for a few years by then a lovely person and member of the competition BBQ group Stevie Heyes offered to sort me a website. I think the price was a bit of smoking wood and it served me well for a very low yearly price.

It was a bit of a crap site but I liked it!

Towards the end of 2022 I was notified …

… that hackers were using it to send their malware. My mate had a lookee and told me there were 16 email address including Chief@ BBQsmokingwoods running from it. I decided to kill it. Creating another baby didn’t involve as much pushing and sweating as getting my children but did become a bit of a ball ache when trying to cheapskate it I engaged someone from overseas who messed me around for a month before bailing.

In a moment of inspiration …

… I appealed to the BBQ Community through the forums and was given several leads and offers. The one I took up was from Tony a friendly Cabbie from London ( yes they exist) who recommended Rob who has put together this site in a double quick time at a fraction of the cost of bigger Web design firms. I would happily recommend him and his web design services.

So I hope you like the site. It isn’t fancy but will enable me to continue selling my wares for what I think is a reasonable sum – let me know if you agree or don’t!


regards Paul GOULDEN