A bit more about how I price my wares – that’s wood chunks!

My wood chunks are in two categories  …

… the ones sourced locally to me in Hampshire and those imported due to popular demand. I won’t get into whether you should use UK woods or import but I will say that the reason Hickory and Pecan etc are very popular in the USA is that they are cheap and plentiful there.

By the time shipping and import duties have been paid they are are going to be a couple of quid per kg more expensive than local ones. An added variable is the £ v $ exchange rate which doesn’t tend to favour us.

Oak Ash and Cherry …

… are more plentiful than Apple Plum and Walnut as they grow bigger so there’s more volume about. I sell a lot of Oak and Cherry in my other hardwoods business for cabinet makers and chop up off cuts. Other trees like Sweet Chestnut and Maple can get very large but there aren’t many in my corner of Hampshire so they are hard to source.

These are my Oak chunks 

Happy to answer any specific question on my chunks just email me.