Info For Food Smokers


I am no expert but below is a quick bit of wisdom:

I had this useful bit of info from Jay one of the BBBQS competitors which shows you don’t use much wood each smoke and a box lasts most people a season:

  1. Any meat would only absorb smoke through the first 45 mins to 1hr max.
  2. That’s on a slow cook at around 225 pit temp. Grilling would reduce that window to around 10 to 15 mins.
  3. I would use a fist sized lump of a stronger wood and same sized fruitwood to smoke a whole pork shoulder. So reduce the wood size to suit.
  4. If  it’s grilling for ‘food’ and not competition style cuts, a few small pieces direct over hot coal lid down would be enough to smoke for a good 30-45 mins. Don’t soak the wood. If it’s on fire; reduce pit air intake.

Here’s a bit of feedback from a new customer and I didn’t have to torture him:

“As a virgin ‘bbq wood smoker’ without a clue (but a brand new Weber in the back garden to play with), I contacted Goulden’s and ordered a mixed box. It was delivered in just a matter of days. That weekend I cherry-and-rosemary-smoked a whole leg of lamb and, OMG, what a supper and party we had! Great acclaim for the dish but real kudos go to a wholly professional smoking wood service from Paul et al. Regardless of competitive prices, his expedient and high-quality product made the event possible. I’ll certainly be a return customer and recommend you order from Gouldens too & experience the same!”

Steven Dowd, East London

Tell me, Paul what you need – your business (or your money) has my interest !